• A Book of Weevils

    Let's face it, beetles in general are pretty amazing, but then you've got the subgroup weevils, which include some of the cutest organisms on the planet, with over 60,000 species worldwide and over 500 British species! Fantastic. They've been a favourite of mine for ever (I'm a sucker for snouts!), and with this in mind, I thought I'd fill a book with weevils.

    So far, only 7 images and 61 pages to go! It's harder than I thought.

    Check out the weevil page on wikipedia - there are some gorgeous photos. The one which really caught my eye is this one (first image below), of a Cionus hortulanus, in a stunning picture by Lukas Jonaitis. Apart from this not looking like a happy weevil (the legs are all bunched, suggesting feigning death, or worse), the thing you can't fail to notice is the black spot on its back. To me it makes the whole weevil look like a seed out of which another insect has emerged... Now, this weevil is found on dark mullein (Verbascum nigrum), but the seed images I've found for various Verbascum (but not V. nigrum) show seeds around 1 mm in length, so is this weevil (around 6 mm in length) imitating a seed from an associated plant? From which a weevil has emerged?

    Below Lukas' photo are a couple of pages from my weevil book - done in acrylics, household emulsion and various pens. Also, at the bottom is an illustration I did of a tropical weevil many years ago in watercolours - see how the paper has faded - it looks like woodchip wallpaper!



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