• Visual Peoples Silence Encyclopedia

    Well, that's how the title ended up, and appropriate since the majority of pages are 'silent' in a text sense. (And no apostrophe in 'people's', since my heading font doesn't have one!)

    The whole project took me almost a year to complete (50 double-page spreads): glad I didn't go for the 100-spread version!

    I've learned several things from this exercise:

    1. A book of this size needs to be bound less tightly - it's amazing how much thickness paint adds!

    2. In fact (1) may not be such a problem, since I can't imagine binding such a big book for a long time!

    3. I thought using an old encyclopaedia would prompt me, visually, but it deterred me...

    4. Having in mind that I would eventually show the book publicly definitely censored me.

    So, looking forward to what's next: a smaller, private, uncensored journal!

    (But I'm sure I'll have pages to show...)

    And now I can look forward to my treat - I promised myself a copy of Orly Avineri's book One Artist Journal, oh and some more paints!

    I've put the slide-show of the book on YouTube, and want to thank Lawrence Blatt for use of his lovely tune 'Black Rock Beach', courtesy of



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